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Nazariy P
"The work is just so clean and beyond professional and the price is very reasonable."
This place is amazing and filled with knowledgeable people that know and understand what they're doing. I knew nothing about inverters, installation or how they work until Billy (owner) was able to break everything down for me and explain in detail of what I can run when I'm camping. I set up my appointment and the following week they were ready to accommodate me. Excellent job. The work is just so clean and beyond professional and the price is very reasonable. Will come back here for more upgrades without a doubt.
Nazariy P.
YELP Review
unnamed (5)
"I plan to return to continue with my project!"
A very satisfying experience, sean and josh were always there to help me and answer any questions. Sean helped me and fit my budget so I could put a stereo for my car, thank you so much Sean. Very good installation of the same, with the accessories very well placed in the car, I loved it, and I plan to return to continue with my project!!!
Juan Castro
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"Highly recommend them."
I have an older F 250 like new. Had Billy put new stereo, alarm, keyless entry, back up cam etc. Everything was perfect except the key FOB. FOB kept failing. Every time it failed Billy had me bring the truck back in. They finally figured out the issue. Its been almost two years since and keyless entry/FOB, alarm etc working flawless. Billy always professional and stuck it out until they solved the problem. Could not be a happier ending. Highly recommend them.
Grant Livingstone
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Vetta C
"This shop is very reputable..."

I need a 2 channel dashcam installed on a Ferrari 488 Spider. The problem is figuring out how to mount the rear dash cam and the external batter pack on a convertible.

This shop is very reputable and immediately made me feel comfortable with their expertise. The owner, Billy took my calls and called me back 30 minutes after I left a message with a live receptionist (on a Sunday).

My car was handled so incredibly carefully and they figured out a very stealth way to mount the cameras. They treat your cars as if they are their own cars and want you to have the best "look" as well as performance, even if that requires more work.

There are pretty much always problems with installs and the F Car did not disappoint. Even though they were not caused by this install they constantly communicated with me until it was fixed. They spent an incredible amount of time with me trying to resolve an issue that they did not cause.

Its easy to give a good review when things go perfectly. I measure how good a business is when things don't go perfectly and see how they handle that.
Vetta C.
YELP Review
"Class act."
The owner Billy, was really great to me. He installed a new radio in my truck. The differentiator was after he installed my radio he spent some time in my car guiding me through the setting and buttons. Class act.
Mathew DeBilio
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unnamed (4)
"Billy and his team exceeded my expectations..."
Went to Audio Toyz to have a JL Audio Stealth Subwoofer, Amplifier, and navigation override installed on my 2017 Cadillac Escalade. I met with Billy and felt very comfortable with his product knowledge and and experience in the field of car audio among other auto related things. Billy and his team exceeded my expectations and added some things that I didn't even think about to add to the vehicle at a cost much less than his competitors. I would recommend Billy and Audio Toyz to anyone in Orange County that's looking for any and all car audio upgrades. Thanks again Billy and Audio Toyz!
Michael Hill
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unnamed (1)
"Honest and quick service!"

What do I received? Honest and quick service! The only thing that was not so great was the waiting list time.

But considering that they offer services on place with limited staff, it's totally understandable (and also seems they have a lot of work).

Ricardo Rosario
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Shawn M
"Super clean and careful installation. Highly recommend them and if there's a wait...THEN WAIT!"
I've got a custom Raptor pre-runner that most places won't work on. However, the guys at Audio Toyz were more than happy to redo the out dated stereo system plus a few other electrical needs. I couldn't be happier with the sound and the other items installed too !! Super clean and careful installation. Highly recommend them and if there's a wait ....... THEN WAIT !! Because you won't have to waste your time coming back multiple times. One n Done !l Thanks to Billy and Shawn
Shawn M.
YELP Review
"Billy and the staff where really friendly, professional, and helpful."
I went here for some advice on a custom kicker amp & subwoofer project. Billy and the staff where really friendly, professional, and helpful. I will definitely be back here for my New Tesla audio and window tinting installations! Keep up the great work and customer service Audio Toyz! Thank you.
Access Granted Men's Jewelry
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Rommel C
"I don't even say what I want anymore because I completely trust them."

Sean and his crew did it again They turned my run-of-the-mill economic, VW Golf into a car I am be proud of.

I met Billy and Sean so many years ago, and since then they've done their magic on my Jaguar F-Type, Audi A4, and the aforementioned VW. I don't even say what I want anymore because I completely trust them. I simply hand them the car keys and say, "see you in a few hours." Telling them I want would be akin to to telling Steph Curry how to shoot a basketball.

It's important to note that the name, AudioToyz doesn't come close to what they offer. Everything from window tinting, car wrapping, wheels, etc. I really believe they should have a before and after show on the Motor Trend television channel.

Sean, Billy, you should have a YouTube channel relative to what you do. Thanks, guys!

Rommel C.
YELP Review
Juan G
"Thank you all again for being so upfront..."

An update to a past review!!

Finally I did get my stereo changed to a newer one.

Stereo looks awesome!! they took the cigarette lighter things out and replaced it with a USB port connected to the stereo!! Looks neat.

They walked me through all the changes they did, a walk through of the new stereo system, showed me how everything worked until I was good to go.

Thank you all again for being so upfront, friendly and professional with such a high quality of work...

Looks good in the car, my wife loves it too! Worth every dollar. Backup camera work perfect too.

Juan G.
YELP Review
"Excellent service from everyone. I highly recommend."
I thought I'd add another 5 star review to the Audio Toyz collection. I was originally working with another shop nearby to have some auxiliary power supplies installed. Now I'm glad they never got back to me with an appointment. I found Audio Toyz closer to my house, service far more personable, and they installed the power supplies along with a dedicated plug for my air compressor all for a fraction of what the other shop wanted to charge just for the power supplies. Excellent service from everyone. I highly recommend.
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Gaby D
"Their work is fantastic and we trust them immensely."
We've used audio toyz for several cars we have had now. They've always been super reasonable and incredibly professional. Their work is fantastic and we trust them immensely.
Gaby D.
YELP Review
"...the work is always done on time, on budget, and very professionally."
Excellent service! Have always been taking care of when going here. Whether it be for window tinting, sound system, or even LED light bars, their service and pricing is the best around. Billy is also the only guy I trust to work on my cars when I bring them in. And the work is always done on time, on budget, and very professionally. I wouldn't recommend going anywhere else but here!
Tyler Piersant
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Dwight B
"Couldn't be happier."
The guys did a great job on my wife's Jeep. The tint looks great and they installed our nerf running boards for us. Couldn't be happier.
Dwight B.
YELP Review
Shawn M
"...kind of place you recommend to family and friends..."
Audio Toyz has been our family's choice for years , always friendly, prompt and knowledgeable. the kind of place you recommend to family and friends knowing full well they'll be fully satisfied with whatever service they choose. Ask for Shaun / Billy and they'll start the process of delivering your ideas into a reality.
Lou U.
YELP Review
Jenn s
" and courteous from start to finish..."
Great experience adding a subwoofer to my car. Compared to some of the things they do here, this was probably pretty simple, but they were all pro and courteous from start to finish. They provided options and price points, and actually recommended a cheaper option based on listening to what I really needed. Frankly, a woman walking into a car shop of any kind braces themselves for potentially being talked down to, and that was not the case here. From my initial consultation with Billy through to picking up the car and having three guys chat about the settings and options, I felt like they were genuinely interested in their work. And genuinely interested in making sure I was pleased with the end result. Thank you, guys! Now my 80s rap sounds like it should!
Jenn S.
YELP Review
"...killer job on building out a custom system..."
Guys did a killer job on building out a custom system for my car and keeping the dash looking original with doing a hideaway glove box along with new kick panels and rear deck lid and matched the interior wrap nicely with the truck interior.
Jenn S.
YELP Review

Audio System Upgrades

Car audio system upgrades are a great way to enhance the driving experience and improve the sound quality in your vehicle. Whether you’re looking to replace factory speakers with aftermarket speakers, add a subwoofer or amplifier, or upgrade the head unit, there are a variety of options available to fit your specific needs and budget.

Custom Audio and Electronics 2
Custom Fabrication 2

Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication is a process of designing and building a unique and personalized audio and electrical system for your vehicle. Whether you’re looking to create a custom subwoofer enclosure, design a one-of-a-kind wiring harness, or integrate various audio and electrical components, custom fabrication can provide a truly unique and personalized experience.

Apple CarPlay

One of the main benefits of Apple CarPlay is the ability to access your phone’s features, apps, and music library directly from your car’s dashboard. This allows you to make hands-free calls, send and receive text messages, and even navigate using Apple Maps, all while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. This feature can improve safety while driving.

Apple CarPlay 1
K 40

K-40 Radar Detection

K40 radar detection systems are an advanced technology that allows drivers to detect radar signals used by law enforcement to measure a vehicle’s speed. These systems provide a variety of features and benefits that can enhance the driving experience and help drivers avoid speeding tickets.

At Audio Toyz, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of globally recognized, trusted, and leading brands that enhance the enjoyment of driving, boating, and biking. As an authorized dealer for these top brands, we provide our customers with the full spectrum of their product line, as well as expert design and installation services. With our selection of high-quality products and expert installation, we are dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of their automotive experiences.

Paint Protection Film

Car paint protection film, also known as clear bra, is a clear, thin film that is applied to the painted surfaces of a vehicle to protect them from damage caused by road debris, rocks, insects, and other environmental hazards. The film acts as a barrier between the paint and the environment, providing superior protection while maintaining the look and feel of the vehicle’s original paint job.

Paint Protection Film 4
Audio Toyz 6

Ceramic Pro

Automotive ceramic coating is a cutting-edge technology that provides a protective barrier for your vehicle’s paint, helping to keep it looking like new for years to come. It’s a liquid polymer that is applied to the paint of a car, and when cured, it forms a transparent, hard, and durable layer that provides excellent protection against the elements, dirt, and other contaminants.

ceramic pro ion exchange technology box 1 600x1200 1
ION WHITE 360x145 1

Ceramic Pro ION is the next evolution in surface protection technology.

Exclusively available at Audio Toyz

Window Tinting

Window tinting is a popular aftermarket modification that provides a number of benefits for vehicle owners. It involves applying a thin film to the windows of a car, which can help to block out UV rays, reduce glare, and provide privacy.

Paint Protection Film 6
Vinyl Wrap 2

Vinyl Wrap

One of the main benefits of vinyl wrap is its ability to change the color or design of a vehicle without the need for a permanent paint job. This can be an especially cost-effective option for those who want to change the appearance of their car without the expense of a traditional paint job.

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